Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Addition with different denominators

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Is the refree always right?

The referee, the person on the sideline who decides your fate whether you win or lose is up to them. We’ve all had our times when the ref makes a bad call or they're just plain ignorant. or even they favor the other side (which they are not supposed to do). we blame them, we blame them for our poor playing or bad luck but can referee always be right?

This year I was playing in the rippa semifinals a minute left to go kororo had the ball the score was three all. It was now or never. Alas, there was no hope. A player from kororo had the ball he had found a gap in our defense he started sprinting I tried to rip his tag but I couldn’t grasp it. As the ball touched the try line my insides were bubbling up, he had his shirt over his tags. That’s why I couldn’t grab them. At that moment I was mad, mad because the ref had called it a try.  Our last chance to go to Wellington ruined by an ignorant referee. As I looked around at my teammates all with their heads hung low. Some of them I could even see tears forming in their eyes. It was unfair.

After the game, I went up to the ref and told him about the unfairness. His reaction “so?” and shrugged his shoulders. Later a rumor was going around that he went to kororo school when he was younger that would explain the one-sidedness. Months later I look back at the moment and go Can the ref/umpire always be right? The answer is no. Sometimes I still feel angry about it but then I tell myself the ref can’t always be right.

   So to all those ignorant one sided annoying refs try your best. Try your best to make fair calls because you're the people who make or break futures. And To supporters, players, and coaches learn to let things go because can the ref always be right?

Thursday, 19 October 2017

NZ nuclear free

Today in social studies slam I was on the side that wants NZ to become Nuclear free.

The Nuclear free policy of NZ is an important one although being close allies with the US and their Nuclear based military and Nuclear powered warships mean that NZ is protected by a nuclear umbrella.The New Zealand nuclear-free zone was created in July 1987 by David Lange prime minister of the time. meaning that NZ owned sea, land, and airspace are nuclear-free since then and has become a part of our foreign policy. That's why we don’t get visited by massive US naval warships. The last one we were ever visited by was in last November 2016.

This quote speaks the truth