Thursday, 27 July 2017

Greetings From Cape May

Sahara here, all the photo's from my holiday are on mum's phone but the phone won't let us email the photo's or log into google to post them on my blog. Instead will have to tell you about my holiday in writing. When we got into Florida we took an hour's drive to Nana's place she live's in a building with the house's connected so I thought they had the whole place to themselves but no such luck (but they did have a pool!). In Florida we spent a couple of days at the beach. One of those day we went to the zoo. Photo's of that are on Grandpa Tom's phone , might be able to post them to the blog in a couple of days. Highlights of that were seeing the spider monkeys and meerkats.We got to meet my mom's cousin's Payton and Brooke. Brooke's kids are Nathan, Kayline and Leia they were lots of fun. We also went to Universal studios it was amazing! Me and dad went on the second scariest ride the Dragon challenge my first thought as we went up the first hill was "what have I gotten myself into?!" I was screaming the whole time.Then we went to Pennsylvania and got to see my cousins boy have they changed! Highlights of that were The franklin institute of science, shopping, tubing down a river and hanging out with family. We are now in Cape May and have so far been to the beach, went to the mall, taken family photo's, and had lot's of fun!

Thursday, 29 June 2017

PJ day!

                        Today was Pj day at school. I painted my face. do you think I over did it?

Friday, 16 June 2017

The substitute chapter 3

Matty was lying on the ground in the court with a knife through his leg, groaning in pain. Behind him was a crazed woman with knotted frizzy hair, a ripped turquoise tank top and sweatpants with a belt full of knives, who I recognised as Mrs Callahan!

 We all sat there speechless. we could see her breath heaving, we all had completely forgotten about Matty. When Mr Spoon came striding out onto the court. "What in the world is going..." came the voice of Mr Spoon. 'PING!' Mrs Callahan flung a knife over her shoulder hitting Mr Spoon square in the chest, penetrating his heart killing him... instantly. Alice screamed. Hysteria started breaking out in the crowds of students like a contagious disease. The principal, close to fainting herself was trying to control the mob of hysterical kids.

Then I remembered Matty. "You okay Matty?" I asked him, he groaned. "We need to get him to the hospital!" I cried.

"You won't be going anywhere" said Mrs Callahan in a sinister voice.with a smile and a back handsprain, her slender pin-thin body twisting and turning with ease. She flung knives at us pinning us to the wall.

"help me!" said Matty in a weak voice.

"This boy here has exactly ten minutes to live, I will give you two choices, to live under my reign, or die with this boy here. the choice is yours". While Mrs Callahan was talking I was working away at my polo, trying to break free. At last, my polo gave way flinging me to the ground. I grabbed a pistol from on the ground (don't ask me why there was a pistol on the ground at school). I bowled Mrs Callahan over, pointing the pistol at her chest. Now I remember why there’s a pistol on the ground, we had a police demonstration yesterday. Stop getting distracted! I told myself and in my mind's eye, I gave myself a slap in the face. I get distracted easily.

 " Ha! You don't have the guts" she sneered in an eerily calm voice that made her seem like she was confused even though I knew she was in clearly in command. I tried to tell myself that she was a killer and that she deserved it, My mum's voice rang inside my head "two wrongs don't make a right!” she said with way too much enthusiasm. Mrs Callahan was right. I don’t have the guts, I lowered the pistol.
 Meanwhile, Alice had rung the police, you could hear their sirens echoing through the city. “”Put your hands up we have you surrounded!” screamed the chief police. His fat horse neck waggled, indicating that he ate too much fast food.

“Your parents will be contacted and you kids may be put in witness protection,” said the chief police with a smile. “You all go back to preparing to pass those exams”

“Maybe you should start preparing to pass the Kentucky fried chicken!” yelled one of the students laughing and high-fiving his mate. The chief police frowned.

 We watched as the police struggled to handcuff Mrs Callahan and flung her into the car. “I’ll get you, you meddling kids!” she screamed, shaking the car trying to open the door (the police had the kiddy lock on).

 We all laughed. “What does that remind you of?” I giggled, we all laughed again leaving all our troubles behind us. Little did we know that our adventure was far from over…  

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The subsitute

“Good morning class,” said the substitute with a snarl. He studied us all with his snake-like eyes. “You!” he screamed pointing at nervous Nate. “Why isn’t anyone answering me? Speak Boy speak! Or else!” the whole class exploded with laughter.” what are you going to do old man? Bore us to death?” taunting voices laughed. “Silence!” he roared pulling a riding crop from behind his desk, the whole class fell dead silent and only the sound of distant crickets could be heard... wait... that was only my imagination.   

“I  believe I haven’t  introduced myself properly as I am a man of good manners.My name is Mr. Grimley” concluded the Grinch. Until now I hadn’t been able to have a good look at him, he wore a mild green suit and his hair was tucked under a green bowler hat. His boots were the only thing that had been kept clean. Alice bravely snickered at the sight of the old man.

“I believe I forgot to mention that… I DO NOT TOLERATE RUDENESS!!!” screamed the Grinch. “Come with me young lady,” he said crossly as he dragged her out the classroom. You could hear his booming voice over her high pitched squeaky one. Then his shadow brought something down on her. Her piercing scream sliced through the air like a knife. That scream was what my nightmares were made of, I shivered. The Grinch tossed her on the ground.

As the door creaked opened the Grinch crept in with a sinister smile on his face. “Now that Madam has been eliminated...uh I mean in detention ,we can continue with the lesson”. ‘So it's an elimination game you want to play?’ I thought, ‘well then you got one’.    

Thursday, 4 May 2017

My Blog Tour

This video was made so you don't have to go searching through my blog ;) ENJOY!